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When Peyton - Manning (Peyton Manning) in the first seven weeks to complete a new historical record of passing touchdowns, his achievement is not only successful, but continued success. This is a record not easy, but Manning does not think so, because two years ago, people are still concerned about whether he was recovering from a cervical spine surgery. In the 2011 season he missed completed 114 touchdowns passes, including breaking the single-season record 55 times. With regard to his touchdown record the topic, the question arises: record will be broken again? Obviously it is not. According to the current rhythm Manning's touchdown pass, wholesale authentic nike jerseys he is expected to call two seasons, then (contract until 2016) of his total passing touchdowns record will be 600. Currently the closest player is Drew - Brisbane (Drew Brees) of 374, - Tom Brady (Tom Brady) of 372, but they are both too old that they can not with Manning for goal. And Andrew - Mubarak (Andrew Luck) is now only 25 have completed 65 years of age, if he remains healthy and hit at least 38 years of age, according to the current pace, he can finish 369.

The word impossible does not seem to fit in the NFL appearance wholesale mlb jerseys china, but Manning's career passing touchdowns record seems to be quite safe unlikely to be touched again. It also led to our second question: NFL what other records are difficult to reach it? Below you will see two names often appear. 1 Jerry - Rice (Jerry Rice) career record catches for 1549: the closest player Reggie - Wayne (Reggie Wayne), but he is now 1101 times 36 years old. The record Tony - Gonzalez (Tony Gonzalez) ranked second, completed a 1325 times, 17-year career, missed only two games, health is not a problem, the only problem is the ball field efficiency are 4.9 times gap. 2 Rice's record of 22,895 yards the ball: So, Rice is really suitable for American football, Turrell - Owens (Terrell Owens) seems a chance, then the gap between them is how much? Well Owens're just 6961 yards up.

3 Rice's 208 touchdowns record: Rice's career has been very clear on how to play the game. Amit - Smith (Emmitt Smith) is the closest person as much as 33, but still lagging behind, the closest active player is Antonio - Gates (Antonio Gates) He finished 96 times. 4 Amit - Smith (Emmitt Smith) 164 times rushing touchdowns record: La Damu wholesale jerseys nhl - Tomlinson (Ladainian Tomlinson) is the closest, but he also retired, the gap is 19, is the closest active player Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson) he has completed 86, but he is now 29 years old. Smith ran for 18,355 yards five balls yardage record: this is the best known Smith's record, this record may take a long time afterward to let close. The closest active running back almost nothing, Stephen - Jackson (Steven Jackson) only completed 10,966 yards. 6 Bruce - Smith (Bruce Smith) 200 career quarterback sacks record: This record is likely to be close to a few organic, because the ball is now in the league of high frequencies need to ensure longer. But Smith's record of any course that is difficult to cross, Reggie - White (Reggie White) has 198 times the closest, but nobody answered him after nearly 165 times. Active players in Jared - Allen (Jared Allen) completed a 130 times.

wholesale cheap jerseys china 7 German - Heist (Devin Hester) 14th career punt return touchdown run record: Hyster at the age of 32 still have very high speed, he is also the only two players to have two in the league running back records, but this record is equally difficult to surpass, horse join the league every year but this is difficult to record a very long time wholesale nfl jerseys cheap free shipping for someone to challenge. 8 Eric - Dixon (Eric Dickerson) single-season rushing record of 2,105 yards (most memorable record): I know what you're thinking, you will say: ldquo; Are you drunk yet? In 2012 Peterson needs only nine yards can break this record, now DeMarco - Murray (Demarco Murray) also fire ah. Rdquo; yes this record really easy to close, but the gap between the level it is impossible to see. In 2012 Peterson is averaging 159.9 yards but still a little shy, and now Murray seven consecutive games 100 yards, averaging 130.4 yards closer, he is likely to reach people. But to say it all and so broke.

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